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Altamont makes a nice grip also. I use their Smith J-frame Bateleur grip on my 442 for pocket carry. I immediately replace the synthetic factory grips with Altamont's so there is no risk of snagging while drawing from pocket carry. I really like the Bateleur for j-frame usage.
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So I got my pick of new grips to throw on the my father's old gun to spruce it up. Normally, I'd go on and on with a litany of nits that need picking, but in this case the product is too simple, and Altamont...
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Ruger Bearcat Stag Grips Bearcat owners, treat that revolver to a set of stags. It deserves them. The Bearcat is one of the all-time great woods and field guns. There's not much out there you can have more fun with than a Bearcat.
Wheel Gun Wednesday: Ruger GP100 6" I call it Brother Blue. Pimpin' new grips for the retro blaster. Looking for base plate recommendations that eliminate these gaps on my 19.5 and 507c.
Brownells is your source for Ruger Blackhawk Grips at Brownells parts and accessories. Shop our vast selection and save! Changed out the factory Match Champion woods grips for what use to be the original style rubber grips with wood panels on every GP100.
Specifications for Hogue Monogrip Rubber Grips Ruger Security Six 87000 The grip change the look of my Ruger. They fit perfectly and feel great.55.99 USD. The new Ruger® MKIV™ grips from Altamont Company are not only designed with beautiful, dark wood, they are also functional, providing a highly textured surface and improved grip...
Grips. Grip Modules. Part Kits. Sights.The pistol: a Ruger MkIII "Hunter." The factory cocobolo grips that come with this pistol are very nice. The grips: I decided on a pair of wrap-around grips from Altamont
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